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that form and shape our fellowship are:

The encounter of God is our deepest need—and joy

What God is doing in the world culminates in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. In this sense, Jesus is both the light of the world and the light by which Christians do ministry

Where Jesus is, there is affirmation of life; and, potentially, where there is affirmation of life there Jesus may be present

The Bible is the Church’s charter, guiding story, and witness

Meaning in life and life styles are in correspondence

All Christian are called into ministry

All Christians are anointed by the Holy Spirit

God usually comes to people through people


that guide us on how we do things:

Listening precedes planning

Differences and diversity can be instructive

Authority structures strive to be permission giving, rather than permission withholding

People support what they have a chance to create

Building people is a better strategy than building programs

Facilities and budgets are means not ends

Our Lord is interested in other things besides religion

Change is driven by vision (not structure)

Hospitality is a primary Church practice and precedes friendliness

Unresolved conflict is counter-productive



Glorify God through worship, prayer, mercy, and generosity

Grow in Faith

Go in Service & Witness


Foster a Christian community

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